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Robert George

Home Town
Lake City, FL
Camper Staffer
80-86 87-89, 91-92
Little Chief
Little Owl
100 Point Man

Contact Information

Home 904-387-6359
Work 904-634-1100
Mobile 904-476-3857
Mail 1742 Woodmere Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Personal History

Birthday January 31, 1970
Education University of Florida
Occupation Lawyer
Spouse Erin (alum)
Children Ella (21)
Patrick (19)

My Story Since Camp After working on staff at Rockmont, I graduated from law school at the University of Florida in 1996. I then moved to Jacksonville, Florida where I have practiced law in the area of commercial litigation for approximatelt fifteen years. Currently, I am a partner with the law firm where I have worked almost my entire career - Liles, Gavin, Costantino, George & Dearing, PA. In 1998, I married my wife Erin who I met while I was in college at the University of Florida. Even though she never went to Rockmont, she has strong ties to camp since we were engaged and had our wedding at camp. She also grew up in the small town of Helena, Arkansas with some of my camp friends like Henry Jordan, Pitt Moore and Murray Benton. We have been blessed with two children, Ella and Patrick. Ella is a camper at Camp Greystone and I hope that Patrick will soon join the ranks at Rockmont. When I am not spending time with my family or working, I enjoy serving my church, St. Johns Presbyterian, playing golf and working with the children at the Sanctuary on 8th Street. The Sanctuary on 8th Street is a local ministry that provides an after school program and summer day camp to under served children living on the Northside of Jacksonville. I have also enjoyed serving on the Board of the Camp Diversity Foundation for the past five to six years. I appreciate the opportunity to work with the other members of the Board and the excuse it provides me to travel to camp once or twice a year. It has been great seeing many of the boys that I have gotten to know from the Sanctuary on 8th Street attend Adventure Week at Rockmont and hear all of their stories. Recently, one of the boys told me that the week he spent at Adventure Camp was the best experience of his entire life.

Camp Memories

Funniest Watching Paul Ballard go coast to coast in a Rockmont Staff basketball game against Camp Ridgecrest which included Paul performing a 360 degree turn, a behind-the-back dribble and a between-the-legs dribble. It was almost like he was running in slow motion as he dribbled past all of the Ridgecrest players. Unfortunately for Paul, there was also a little traveling mixed in, but that didn't stop the crowd from going crazy after he eventually made his lay up.

Faith It is impossible for me to choose one time or experience I had at Rockmont when I felt close to God because I always felt close to God while I was at camp. I enjoyed the songs, the morning watches and the devotions every day at camp. I believe the members of the staff were great spiritual role models and did a great job of inserting faith into almost every aspect of camp. I truly believe that while I was growing up I felt closer to God during the time I was at camp than I did the rest of the year. In fact, I think that my time at Rockmont was the foundation for the strong Christian faith I have today.

Hello Nelson Allen, David Harris, Trip McKinney and Collier Dobbs

Heroes Stan Wilson, JJ Jones, Inman Young and Hap Endler

My Favorite Camp Memory My favorite memory at Rockmont was reuniting with my camp friends each summer. I still remember making the right-hand turn at the juvenile center and driving down Lake Eden Road toward camp. I also remember seeing the familiar faces each summer during the check-in process and finding out who was going to be in my cabin. I felt fortunate that there was a core group of about six or seven great guys who were in my cabin every year. I also enjoyed seeing all of the other returning campers and staff. It was these relationships that made camp so special and kept me coming back each year. Even today, I enjoy seeing former Rockmont campers and staff. I make an effort to stay in contact with some of my camp friends and I still consider several of them as some of my best friends.

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