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A Letter from David Bruce

R. David Bruce

I first came through the gates of Rockmont as a recently graduated 17 year old in the summer of 1973. My life was forever changed. Rockmont has changed countless lives during its rich history. Trying to describe the "magic" that is Rockmont to those who have never experienced it is difficult.


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I usually put it this way: when I got married, seven of the nine members of my wedding party were Rockmont friends – even though I spent only eight weeks a year with them versus 40 weeks with my college friends. Nevertheless, the depth and quality of the friendships and relationships developed at Rockmont were so much more meaningful. It was out of a desire to give Rockmont alumni an avenue to reconnect and nurture similar friendships that the CRAA (Camp Rockmont Alumni Association) was formed.

Rockmont has an impressive history and a bright future. I want you to be a part of keeping that history alive and to help shape the future. Our most important initial challenge is to develop an accurate database of alumni. To that end:

  1. Register. Our site features a registration form, so even if you have registered in the past, please update your info. We have added several fields.
  2. Tell all of your Rockmont friends to visit this site and register.
  3. Get Involved. Share pictures, memories, and stories. Tell families with camp age boys about Rockmont. Become a board member. Tell us what you want Rockmont to look like 5, 10, 15 years from now.
  4. Give generously to the Camp Diversity Foundation. Through the Camp Diversity Foundation, Rockmont is able to reach out to a population of boys that could not otherwise experience the place that was such a blessing to each of us. What a gift to be able to give! Adventure Week has grown steadily since 2008!

There are many benefits to being a member of the CRAA. I recently retired after 20 years as the Director of Rockmont to give more attention to the development of the CRAA. I am extremely excited about the potential and look forward to getting you back to the Rock.


R. David Bruce

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