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R. David Bruce

Home Town
Falls Church, Va

Contact Information

Home 828-686-3055
Work 828-686-3885
Mail 430 Lake Eden Rd
Black Mountain, NC 28711-8710

Personal History

Birthday June 23, 1955
Education Emory University
Spouse Cindy (alum)

My Story Since Camp After graduating from Emory in 1977, I spent a winter in Steamboat Springs, Co with the likes of Cole Smith, Hap Endler, and Hank Stopplebein. I then returned and took the position of full time Assistant Director of Rockmont. In 1986, I purchased Rockmont along with Cole Smith, Hap Endler, Jon Brooks, and Dr. John Gernert. I am still here!

Camp Memories

Funniest Too many to list! Lots with Boomer...making wine with Cole Smith at Camp Ahoy....encouraging Kevin McInnis up the TV tower to hang my tribal flag....any night off with the Klutzz brothers....council rings with Chuck Pickering....while hiding during an evening activity counselor hunt, falling asleep and not waking up till the next day (causing quite a stir)....every moment with Hank roading with Chip Burnett....14 yr old Matt Montesi at the wheel of my old Belair station wagon loaded with his fellow CiT's sneaking past a Sunday staff meeting going to Custards............somebody stop me!

Faith I was raised in a Christian home, so God has always been a part of who I am. But when I became Rockmont staff, I was surrounded by others my age whose faith gave them a sense of purpose, confidence, and peace that was very desirable. As a result, I renewed my dedication to seek God's will for my life and have felt closer to God ever since.

Hello You!

Heroes Every staff member that sacrificed the higher pay, comforts, and benefits of a traditional summer job close to home in order to mentor boys at Rockmont!

My Favorite Camp Memory It had rained solid for one week. It was Little Chief "pull night". GWP wanted to omit the fire challenge from the test because of the rain (prospectives are given 2 matches and a piece of paper and must start a fire and keep it going all night). The current Little Chiefs were incensed. They had to take the fire test and they wanted prospectives to as well. It was decided that I would take the challenge. If I succeeded in starting a fire and could keep it going for one hour, then the fire challenge would be included, otherwise it would be omited. There was tremendous pressure from the many past and current Little Chiefs present. I came through and the prospectives had to take the challenge. Only 5 succeeded. I felt bad for the many who failed, but I had earned a whole new level of respect from the Little Chiefs

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