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Below are thoughts about joining the CRAA from Rockmont Hall of Fame alumni.

Albert Gooch

Our years at Rockmont were treasured times, and what better way to keep those youthful memories alive than through membership in the Rockmont Alumni Association!

All of us fortunate enough to share a Rockmont experience are indebted to King and Mur Taylor for their leadership in founding the association in 2004 and now to David and Cindy for continuing to build on that initial success. Membership, beginning with 121 charter members, continues to grow, encouraged by the 50 Year Celebration Reunion which brought 445 campers, staff, and families back to camp.

Reunions are great times again to be with friends who shared our summers and to come to know Rockmonters before and after our times, separated by years but bonded by this grand place which has touched so many young lives so positively for now half-a-century and more. Plan now to join us at the next one in 2020.

Albert Gooch teaches baseball at Rockmont

Among the benefits offered Association members is a choice of guest facilities during the off season, which includes the glorious autumn weeks when our mountains are ablaze in color—and when hotels and B&Bs are jammed full. Take a look at this section of our website, chose the lodging that best suits you, and enjoy good days again at Rockmont.

Realizing the importance to a young life the Rockmont experience can be, Rockmont alumni have created the Camp Diversity Foundation to give economically disadvantaged boys an opportunity to experience Christian community in a traditional camp setting. The first camp session was at Rockmont August 10-15, 2008, the session—and the boys—funded by contributions from Rockmont alumni and friends.

Having sponsored years of similar summer camping sessions at one of our camps at Kanuga, I can tell you that having a part in showing a boy the joy of a wholesome Christian lifestyle is a heartwarming experience.

Please consider what you might do for a boy next summer, and send the form along with your generous check to King.

Also remember that any organization depends upon its members for continuing vitality. A doubled and then redoubled membership is an achievable goal—IF each of us will commit to invite one friend to join our number. Please telephone your best Rockmont friend today!

Cordially yours,

Albert Gooch

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